Supra Systems - Supra Systems Studio, University of the Arts London. 2018. 

Systems happen all at once - Donella H Meadows

Everything Happens So Much - @Horse_eBooks

Networked technologies are increasingly present across our lives. They manifest in many ways, yet their 'all-at-once' nature makes them difficult to parse. How can we get to grips with the power that these complex systems produce if we can't easily comprehend systems themselves?

In the Supra Systems book, our authors - writers, artists, curators, academics, designers, and researchers - examine what it means to articulate the forces and politics underpinning networked technologies. We look to almanacs, artificial intelligence, artificial tornadoes, data aestheticisation, machine learning, online sex work, parking lots, radical softness, skip diving, speedrunning and more, as we explore ways to experience, articulate, and interrogate the systems surrounding us. The book is available for free digital download and sale of the hardcopy here.

Contributors include: Paul Bailey, Luisa Charles, John Fass, Wesley Goatley, Sara Hendren, Natalie Kane, Joel Karamath, Shannon Mattern, Alistair McClymont, Tobias Revell, Michael Sedbon, Oliver Smith, and Molly Wright Steenson.

I edited this book and wrote the introductory chapter; and worked with Marion Lagedamont and Ben Branagan on its design and production.